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Jewellery Garden is a heritage jewellery house with a history of making a difference. We are a Jewellery Manufacturer Company selling Hall Marked Gold & Silver Ornaments, Gold Jewelry, and Jewellery Designs, in Serampore. Exclusive Gold jewelry collections from the one & only Jewellery Garden!

Mission & Vission


The purpose of existence as a Shop and our objectives is declared by our mission. We try to craft unique jewellery pieces for every customer in terms of quality, selection, value for money, and customer service. We understand local tastes and preferences. Through constant innovation to eventually provide an unmatched experience in jewellery shopping, we go side by side with our clients.


Our vision is to establish the framework that guides our business. To understand the delightful world, manifest everyone’s personality and dream into jewellery, and spread happiness and joy from it to all.